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(our band in bali)

YouTube page for Baliyuga and other DC projects - with more on the way

our 2nd album

six songs

Listen to Baliyuga OK Boomerang on Youtube

Song pages for these songs with words
OK Boomerang---Leap the Gap---Hillbilly Queen---Lucky Guy---Waiting for You---Panjang Umurnya Plus

our 1st album

Baliyuga on the Way to Venus
released Nov. 8, 2021

Listen to these songs
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At other places too

Song pages for these songs with words

On the Way to Venus
Seventy-Six Times around the Sun
Lagu Lagu
Anniversary Song
Good Enough

Baliyuga Facebook page

Who we Are

names with some links & photos

Gus Suteja - guitar


Ketut Mastiana Nadera - bass


Sonny Rywis - drums


Bonny Man - keyboards 


Bambang  Meidianto - sax and other horns


Radha Aishwary - vocals


David Chadwick - vocals, words and music (with a lot of help)


Tude Arta Sedana - audio engineer


backup vocals on Venus - Ketut, Gus, Radha


thanks to Rick Sanchez for expert advice
and thanks to muse Katrinka McKay for your input dear


Studios we use - Antida Studio (website & Facebook) and Kubuku Studio Bali



Facebook Banner


Gus Suteja


Ketut Mastiana Nadera from a cruise ship




Sonny Rywis


Bonny Man


Bambang  Meidianto



Radha Aishwary



David Chadwick



Tude Arta Sedana

Antida Studio

Baliyuga on the Way to Venus recorded almost entirely at Antida
Some guitar redo and mixed at Kubuku


Tude's Kubuku Studio logo




L to R - Bambang, Nyoman, Kadek, DC, Gus
After some backup vocals.


The album cover for Venus is a computer simulated global view of the northern hemisphere of Venus which is used courtesy of NASA/JPL. Here's detailed info on it from their site: PIA00271


DC note - I had to have my name as the artist to keep my various music projects together and can only have artist name and album name on cover, so albums made with Baliyuga will have the band name at the head of the album title as in "Baliyuga on the Way to Venus." I said I wanted "Bali" in the band name. Guitarist Gus Suteja suggested the name Baliyuga at Oomba Beach House while listening to Krisna Patra (Krisna Floop). We'd run various names by band members and others and so far nothing had stuck. I said I had to have something that night because I was going to finalize the CD Baby account for it. Kaliyuga came up. Katrinka liked that but it's been used too much. Then Gus said Baliyuga and we all liked it right away. After the CD Baby account info was finalized I registered as a DNS that points to Defuser Music dot com. I did a web search for Baliyuga and found there's a Toko Bali Yuga right here in Denpasar. Toko is store in Indonesian. I can't find an address though. Maybe it's just online. They sell far-out designer tee-shirts, sheets, and so forth.


HearNow also features this album with links to sites to hear or buy

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