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On the Way to Venus
July 11 - 2021

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 On the Way to Venus- as recorded with Baliyuga in 2021
That's a Youtube link. Go to Baliyuga page to see other links to the whole six song album and band photos.

Listen to the original archival acoustic version of the song

Words and Chords

Ex [see image below]

Don't got to pack no bags


Don't need to do a thing


Can just settle back


Enjoy the scenery



We're on the way

Dx                        [chorus after each verse]

We're on the way


We're on the way

     E/B-C bass back and forth

To Venus



Such a lovely ship

Already gone bye bye

Just let the kids run wild

Groove on the ride


What a gas this trip so far

Lots of parties and laughter

We're gonna have a hot time

As we go faster and faster


Don't worry bout the landing

Don't fret about the past

What will be will be what's done is done

We won't be coming back


We're bringing everything with us

We're bringing everyone

We're bringing all the animals and plants

We're headed toward the Sun



Dx 5fr, Bx 2fr and Cx 3fr same two strings others open or damped by palm

(on the original acoustic version only)

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