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OK Boomerang
December 2019

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Back in Berkeley when I'ze in my prime

East to West the man were runnin crime

Lota young'uns stood up against their dirty

Sayin Don't trust anyone over thirty

They snub them out with a big fat brush


And here we go again

B9                                                         B7/E +G

Some things ain't changed that much



She said OK Boomer


I said uh uh I came sooner


From the prior rotation


I'm the Silent Generation


Lordy that's a riot


No one ever called me quiet


But the Silents failed you too


Left an awful mess for you



May you have succeeded


Where we were stampeded


And not find like we did


You're outnumbered and out-bleated


      E                   F#7                 G7                F#7

So bang your clangor and bless your anger

 E                   F#7                 G7                F#7

And put us all to shame

 E                   F#7                 G7                F#7

But watch out M and watch out Z


E                   F#7                 G7                F#7 [x4]

For the OK boomerang

She said OK Boomer

Continuing presumer

Anyway that's the rumor

Still it haunts us like a tumor

There's a pile of woe upon us

And I fear we all are goners

For so many were beguiled

From the days when they were child


But you don't owe a friggin thing

For being duped in that ponze game

You deserve a whole new solar system

But the spoils were spent on glitter n jizzum




She said OK Boomer

Which I received in all good humor

And course I'd gladly step aside

But there's nowhere left to hide

And anyway and yet

You gonna need all the allies you can get

But even if all of them do their best

How the heck gonna pass the test


But I've seen games that I'd given up

Then my team come back and whooped        their butts

So on land and sea and sky

Let's give it that good ole dropout try




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