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October 1, 2016

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Wrote this quick before some friends came over to jam so we could record it and send it to Katrinka who's in the States for a month. She approved. - dc

Listen to the MP3

Wira Danu Prasetyoko - drums and alto background vocal

Aditya Faisal Winoto - guitar

Anthony  Pierce (Bali Bill) - -guitar

Scott Mynors - guitar

Graham O Mahony

Jeffry Gustaf Male

DC - vocal, guitar, bells

Everyone but DC - background vocal

Recorded at Katdav Manor , Sanur.


L to R in photo: Bill, Graham, Faisal, Scott, Danu

taken by DC







Words and Chords






Am7  -                    D9 (all lines but B section)
Trinka went and flew da coup

 Left me with my miso soup

 I know now what I must do

 Send a message out to you


 Yes I will --- Sharpenin my quill

 With help from Bill --- and the whole gang here


 (A singin) whooptedo (4x)


 Bm7                       E9

And if you don't come back soon

 Am7        D9

You know what we'll do

 Bm7     E9

To the same dumb tune


Send this message to you


Whooptedo (4x)


Trinka's gone to coocoo land

 Messin roun der with her fam

 Watch out for dem ghouls dere mam

 They wreck havoc where they am


 Were sendin unto --- For her who wanders

 This magic brew --- Way over yonder


 Whooptedo (4x)





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