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Lagu Lagu (Singing a Song Song)
April, 2018

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 Lagu Lagu - as recorded with Baliyuga in 2021
That's a Youtube link. Go to Baliyuga page to see other links to the whole six song album and band photos.

Listen to the original archival accoustic audio

Words and Chords

Lagu lagu, lagu lagu
D                                               A7 A9
Singin a song song
D                                          D7
And when the notes are flyin out
G7                                         G9
Don't know what they're high about
D                  A9
But they continue
Lagu lagu
Lagu lagu, lagu lagu
Slingin a song song
It would even be more fun
If we had a gamelan
For the chakra blues
Lagu lagu





Lagu lagu, lagu lagu
Nyoman's bemo played the backup to
And for every verse I'd ply
He'd call out another line
Rollin down the avenue
Lagu lagu
[Instrumental verse]
Lagu lagu, lagu lagu
Bule bule song song
Cewek cantik kecowok hon
Wrapped in kain poleng are one
Try this mantra do
Lagu lagu

lagu - song, lagu lagu - songs
gamelan - Indonesian traditional orchestra
Nyoman - our bemo driver and helper since July, 2014
bemo - VW Bus like vehicle with open side that
             functions like a bus on short routs
bule - white people (not perjorative)
cewek - female
cowok - male, tomboy
kain poleng - black and white checkered sacred cloth

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