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Waiting for You
November 2019

#1115  on list of all songs

Listen to the MP3 here or listen to it on Youtube [not yet up]

E           C7

I will be here for you

E                         C#7

Dreaming of our rendezvous

F#7       B9     B7

Waiting waiting

E                              C#7

For those footsteps on the street

F#7                 B9        B7   Bb9         

And surprises you will bring


You'll take an evening stroll

Homeward where the dark waves roll

Onward onward

Moving closer dear to me

With the secret that you keep


A       Am7         E             E7

Swallows were swooping by

A       Am7         E             E7

Where now the cave bats fly

A                     Am7      E             C#7

The Southern Cross is up there on high


To shine on your movements

        B9                   B7   Bb9

And bundle at your side


You are no ingnue

More the Annie Oakley who

Is Riding Gliding

Through the thin and thicket with

Your saddle bags of guarded gifts


So I will be there for you

Because I care for you

Madly gladly

Will embrace you love of which I sing

And the treasures that you bring


Waiting wating for you



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