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What a Lucky guy I am

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Read this, or rather belted this out, at a poetry slam in Sanur, June 23, 2018 and won 1st place

Watch the video on Youtube of DC singing it at Katrinka's birthday party, Nov. 18, 2017, a day after her birthday

Recording of the song made at home sounds best


Me oh my oh                       (chorus)


What a lucky guy I am 3x


Umm humm


Yes ma'am.



So good on the street


So good in a room


So good in a breeze


So good in a tune


So good in a vision


So good or her feet


So good in the fixins


So good in the deep



And lordy just a look at her


In the mornin or day's done


Turns me on

       G                 A

And sometimes hon

 C                    E                                               

That's number one




So good to be lone with

So good for a stroll

So good to be gone with

So good in the soul


So good in the sun

So good in the dark

So good on the bum

So good in the heart


And birthday after birthday

Still hot as kingdom come

We burst in flames

And you know hon

How to get that done





When she's back from school

I can loose my cool

And start to drool

For I'm her fool

Call out her name

And start to shake

Knees woblin

For my curvy mate

Hear her voice

I have no choice

Sucked like a moth

In her sizzlin sauce

Oh so pleased

To be so squeezed

Just a look

And I am cooked

Got to have ya

Got to nab ya

Got to grab ya

Got to  want ya

Got to hug ya

Got to love ya




So good at being still

So good on the move

So good for a thrill

So good for a groove

So good on the earth

So good in the sky

So good in rebirth

So good in this life





Wifey Katrinka McKay at Nov.18, 2017 birthday (Nov.17) party in Sanur. Me behind then Susanne and Alice.

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