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The Homemade Low Fi Series
a Subdivision of Defuser Weird

 Experimental ditties created on a Fostex Four Track Cassette Recorder from May of 1982 to the early spring of 1985.
not all of the links to the words are up. Check in the All DC Songs list for ones not entered here yet.

SONGs in Alphabetical order
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WORDS NOTES - S! = Schmaltz alert
= one of DC's preferred cuts
Nuke songs are so marked. See Nuke Song section

Aliceís Toaster


P-next was Boat of Dreams version

Away with Me


 S!-Not Something Else version (not so good)

Be My Valentine



Beached Pigs



Compressed Blank Tape w\Blip


 shows no standard too flimsy



 just to irritate

Dead Lovers



Donít Want to Be Your Enemy


 US Soviet Friendship song. See MFCBV version

Downtown Bolinas


 P-A taboo subject - w/Ethan guit, Liz, Jane

Drakeís Nightmare [--2--]


 P-Bouncing off Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner

Everybodyís Tryin to Be the


 P-King and the Queen - Ethan Okamura on lead guitar

Fighting Fire with Fire


 P-that's rock n roll  - with Blaise version

First Bitch


 P-For Nancy

Flipped Out


 P-Nuke song for Rear Admiral Gene La Rocque
w/Liz,Jane,Julia Schoenherz

Free Ad


 P-See MFCBV version



while working for Californians for a Nuclear Freeze

Freeze Please


 another Nuke song which led to this



 P-For Ethan Okamura with Kelly's vocal

Get Out on the Streets


 for some civil rights rally - Ethan,Liz,Jane,TonyDLV,drmr

Guy Down the Street



Havin Fun


  - w/Liz

Hello Joshua


 S! to celebrate birth of Joshua Gnaizda - w/Liz



 - w/Liz - Boat of Dreams version - with Blaise ver

Iím a Watchin the Sunset



IRS are Pigfuckers


 P-for Bob Johnston

Killers from the Deep


 P-Nuke song and more

Lady in Santa Fe



Little Bird


 P-traditional Finish - Liz Tuomi. See MFCBV version

Lover of a Thing


  - w/Liz

Low Fi


 P-Theme song of this section  - w/Liz

Madam Chang's Arcade w/chords Nuke song - the first attempt with ? on harp

Madam Changís Arcade


P-this is more like it - then this in 4NukeSongs

Mary Inspiration


  - w/Liz

Meet the Folks Who Pay


 Nuke song sort of  - w/Liz

Million Miles Away



Missile and the Rose


Nuke song - See this version



 P-Blaise told me Gurdjieff said this

Mr Bigness



Murphyís Law


 one of many songs with this name  - w/Liz

Nobody Likes Dixiecup Babies


P-Heard teens call aborted tiny fetuses this cause some clinic stored them this way.

Not the Meeting of





 Beetles rip-off



 Nuke song - w/Liz



 w/Liz - See Blaise's version

Rules of Love


 P-for an affair to forget [Song Page]



 for politicians everywhere  - w/Liz

Sally from the Valley



Satan Is King   Worship the horned one! - w/Liz
Satan Is King played backwards  

The shocking subliminal message - w/Liz

Spare Us from Happy Endings


P-the lady who dies is an actress in a movie

Stupid Boys


 dedicated to world leaders  - w/Liz



 nuke solution  - w/Liz

Takin a Bath in Anaheim


 on a Disneyland visit



 an article of faith

There is Something


 P-Nuke song

Welcome Home


 for Liz

What Did You Do Today


   - w/Liz

Whatís the Uh


 It's on the tip of my uh... uh...

White Dawn


 Don't remember who did this with

Who Are the Punks



Why Do We Live in the City


 P-   - w/Liz

Wilson Clark Was a Good Man


 P-Energy advisor to Carter and Jerry Brown - no seatbelt. Ethan Okamura on lead guitar

World Suicide


 Nuke song which led to this - read about it


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