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Bali Go Down

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In love with the lovely people - embraced in their culture so fine

C7                                                                                                             G7
Priest pours holy water o'er us - and we wear the three colored twine

Entranced in dances and Monkey Chants - offerings, altars, and weavings


The lushness the sea the sky and the breeze - we never want to be leaving - but it's

          G7       F#7    E+Bb                G7

Goin down down             Bali go down


[Tibetan long horn sounding]


Arrived on a Monday morning - flight from Singapore

Started off in Kuta - surroundings  to explore

Hadn't been in Ubud - in almost thirty years

Didn't recognize it at all - so jam packed front and rear

Goin down down - Bali go down


[Theramin sighing]


They called it the overbuilt island - way back in 92

And they didn't stop or miss a spot - another shop could undo

Fleets unloading at Gilimanuk - planes pourin to Ngurah Rai

Concrete an trash are piling up - nothing scapes the charm killer's eye


Goin down down - Bali go down


[Saw crying]


As fast as the hopeful new opens - lonely ruins line long the street

Empty eateries beach chairs rooms taxis - and floors waiting millions new feet 

Then one brick too many was laid - and a shaking and rumblin began

The ground shifted down from the weight of it all - and the ocean rushed in cross the sand


Goin down down - Bali go down

Goin down down - Bali go down


[Timpani rumbling]


From the deck of our ship - we look back as she slips

And like Titanic slinks - into Davey Jones' sinks

Silent and numb - with tears on the run

Singin bye bye Bali Goodby [repeat x times]


[Violin singing - shiva dances]

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